The latest installment in our series of the favorite training exercises of college coaches comes from Gavin Olham. Coach Oldham has been the assistant coach at his Alma Mater, Lindsey Wilson College, for the past five years. In that time, Lindsey Wilson has captured the conference championship every year and, in 2005,  won the NAIA National Championship. Before his coaching career, Oldham won two NAIA National Championships and garnered two All-American awards. The following is his favorite drill:

*start with 3 groups of 8, two groups spread out evenly spaced along on end of the field, the other group of 8 at the other end.

*the ball will start with the person at the corner flag, one group of 8 will go at a  time.

*the first guys takes 4 touches forward, once he takes his 1st touch the whole group set’s off towards the other end of the field

*his 4th touch will be a pass to the person next to him, and so on, and so on.

*the last person should be taking his 4th touch as they reach the other side of the field.

*The last man passes it to the guy waiting on the other side, this pass should never be longer than 5-10 yards; his group does the same thing in the opposite direction

*once all 3 groups have been up and down a few times and have the hang of it, you reduce the touches to 3 touches each, then 2 touches each then finally 1 touch each.

*Obviously, the less touches each person has the faster they are forced to run the length of the field and the accuracy of the pass has to be better.

Changes you can make to the session are;

*distance, maybe only go to the half way line

*number of touches

*number of people per group.


It’s a good drill to use that will have guys blowing good at the end of it, but still using the ball, which I always found was better than just running, which I really hated¦ hahaha.

(the video will show the players slow down as they pass the ball, but that is not the drill… the players should not slow down, but the program does have some limitations.)


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