The 18th in our series of technical warm ups is pentagon passing. This is an adaptation of a passing exercise that my buddy, Dave McAndrews, introduced to me. Players stand next to a cones that have been situated in the shape of a pentagon. Players pass the ball to the second player to their right (they skip the very next player and pass to the following player) and then rotate to the right (even though they pass to the second player, they rotate to the first). Understanding where to pass and where to rotate is vital for the success of this exercise. In the video, I used only five players as to keep the movement simple. I like to use more players than that as I have the players perform dynamic stretches as they rotate to the next line. You can have the players start with two touch and progress to one touch. Also, change direction so that the players will go to the left. It is very much a mental exercise as well. Another variation I have used is to have the players stand behind the cones and then receive the ball across the cone (behind the cone- first touch across the body and second touch to pass).


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