The 21st in our series on the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Joel Harrison. Coach Harrison is the Head Coach at Saint Leo University and has attained the USSF A License, the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, the US Youth Soccer National Youth License, and an Football Association of Ireland Diploma. Before coming to Saint Leo, Coach Harrison was the assistant coach of the Pittsburg Riverhounds professional soccer team. In his 11 years of college soccer, he has been named conference coach of the year three times and twice was named NSCAA South Region Coach of the Year. Coach Harrison runs a fantastic camp program and the website is The following is his favorite exercise:
Can be played 6v6 or 7v7 or 8v8 and each team defends 6 to 8 cones. The field of play is from the midfield stripe to the top of the 18 yd. box and spans the full width of the field (sideline to sideline). The cones are placed in a line that extends the side lines of the 18 yd. box to midfield (see video if still confused on the setup). Players are restricted to two touch between the cones and are allowed unlimited touch between the cones and the sideline on each end. Teams try to knock over the other teams cones and then carry them back to their cone line. The player who knocks over the cone must be the one that carries the cone back to his team’s line. The team that scores can try to maintain possesion after they score. The team that has the most cones at the end of the game wins.


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