This exercise is a fun finishing exercise that I saw the other day from my buddy Ged O’ Connor. Like most of you, my club team only has one goalkeeper. She was ill and unable to attend training the other day, so this exercise came in handy. In the video, I put lines in to show you the set up. Use four cones to make a 6 yard x 20 yard grid (same exact size as the goal box) on the top of the 18 yard box (centrally located). Make another grid inside the 18 yard box that shares a side with the other box you made (if still confused, see the video). Two teams are positioned to the right of their respective goals with a supply of balls each. The first player dribbles out and takes a strike for goal. The player can only shoot from inside the nearest grid to his or her team’s goal. Immediately after the player strikes for goal, then he or she must immediately back up to defend his or her team’s goal. When the shot is released, the first player in the other line dribbles out to his or her team’s grid (will be the same grid every time and different from the other team’s grid) and attempts a shot. The exercise continues with a player quickly dribbling out and shooting and then defending as a goalkeeper. (nice way to find a back up goalkeeper).


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