The 19th in our series on technical warm ups is a turning exercise. Create a grid that is 10 yd. by 20 yd. Put two players inside the grid and put two players on the 10 yd. line (outside the grid) with balls. The players inside start central and then check to the sideline to receive a pass. They turn with their first touch and play the opposite outside player. They return central and check to the sideline (they must check at the same time); but this time they receive the ball from the wide player that they just played. This will ensure that they get repetitions turning with each foot. Vary the turns (inside foot, outside foot…etc.) and with every new turn, switch the inside players with the outside players. In the video, there is a pause and then you will see the next progression with added pressure (you can start with token defending and progress to real pressure if you like) The central players are defending each other. The player receiving creates space and attempts to play the ball to the opposite outside player for a point. The player keeps receiving the ball until he or she plays it out of the grid or the defender wins it.


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