Number seven in the series of technical warm ups is a passing and receiving exercise. Players are grouped in fives and divided behind two cones that are 15 yards apart (three behind cone with ball and two behind cone without ball). First player plays ball to opposite line (as close to the cone as possible). Receiving player plays ball across body with first touch and plays ball to other line with opposite foot on second touch (cone is used as a static defender). After the ball is played, passer follows ball to back of the other line (wide of the passing lane) and performs various dynamic stretching exercises along the way. Change the types of receiving: receive with outside of foot across cone and play with inside of same foot, receive with sole of foot (must be slower ball) and pull a V move to other side of cone, receive with inside of foot and then chop ball across body to other foot, receive then drag back and touch behind leg to other foot….etc.


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