The eighth technical warm up in our series is one from Notre Dame Women’s Coach Randy Waldrum that he ran in Brazil while I was taking my Premier Diploma. It is a combination of two classic activities that you may have seen before. You start with 10 players in a circle and four players inside the circle with four balls (obviously adjust the numbers to what you have). You will go through different combinations that I will explain later in the post. At the coaches command (usually every couple of minutes), players transition into two 5 v 2 grids with the last two players to arrive becoming the middle players. You should already have a ball and two pinnies that the middle players put in their hands. Play 5 v 2 for one minute with the players switching to the middle and restarting when a middle player touches the ball. After the minute command the switch back to the circle. The video shows the first combination for the circle. The four players with the ball play it to an outside player then shapes for a give and go. Outside player plays it back and runs into the grid for a return pass. Once inside player gives the ball back, then he replaces the outside player on the circle. Player with ball dribbles to middle of the grid and then looks to combine with another outside player. Tell players to be open their mouths so that everyone gets in the middle and is moving. After the players arrive back to the circle from the 5 v 2, start the second combination. Player with ball passes to outside player and shapes out. Outside player dribbles to either player to the left or right of him or her that is outside the circle and performs a takeover. The player that takes over the ball then plays a give and go with the inside player and dribbles to the middles of the circle. He or she then looks to combine again with another outside player. The third combination is an overlap. Player with ball plays an outside player and tells them to hold. Outside player dribbles into the grid while inside player overlaps. Inside player demands ball and then plays a one-touch pass back to outside player who then enters the grid with the ball. That player then dribbles to the middle and looks to combine with another player.


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  1. manU says:

    This is a fun and interactive drill for high school age groups. It encourages the players to work on their skills and communication.

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