the following was published by Bruce Brownlee and I found it interesting. I think that all teams are of a different level and it does not specify that this is solely for elite teams or players; but, with a few exceptions, I thought it to be well done. Enjoy:

This table was offered as a guide to curriculum development, describing which defensive topics can be covered year by year during player development.


¢1v1 marking
¢individual defending skills – no get, no turn, no move, no shoot
¢basic defending at restarts
¢introduction to team shape in defense
¢introduction to transition


¢second and third defender play
¢1v1 marking near ball with zone coverage away from ball
¢shape – getting it, keeping it, changing it quickly
¢transition basic counterattack (choreographed)
¢defenders overlapping to give numbers up and width in attack
¢working with keeper
¢playing ball out of the back
¢defending at restarts
¢recovery and defending against breakaways
¢reinforce U11 topics


¢low pressure defense with high pressure attack
¢high pressure defense with low pressure attack
¢reading opponent’s shape to decide when and where to go forward
¢counterattack – reading visual cues (not choreographed)
¢marking out dangerous player
¢recognizing and adjusting defending tactics to match conditions
¢reinforce all U11, U12-U13 topics, especially shape and transition


¢restraining lines
¢doubling up on the ball
¢gamesmanship in defense
¢alternative systems of play
¢advanced change of tactics during match
¢playing short sided
¢reinforce U11-U14 topics


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