The ninth in our series of technical warm ups: six players, three cones, and two balls. Players are split between the outer cones. The first player in each line dribbles the ball at the center cone, then performs a coerver move (i.e. scissors, mathews,..etc.) and accelerates past the cone. After a touch or two, the player plays the next player in the opposite line and follows the ball to get behind that line. When the players have played the ball, they perform a dynamic stretch as they head to the rear of the line. Every couple of minutes, vary the coerver move and the dynamic stretch.


One response to “Technical Warm Up I”

  1. vahit21 says:

    I like this drill. It is simple but it trains a critical thing that is lost in a lot of people’s “Coerver training”. It adds the space to perform the move in. This is lost when players are told to arbitrarily do scissors and other moves in a free space with no real timing. It is important to train the timing of when to start the move and the distance from the defender.

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