Number ten in our ongoing series of technical warm ups. This one has a very similar setup to Warm Up B but, instead of dribbling, you will be passing and receiving. Divide your team in half and place half of them on the zig-zag cones with a ball (servers) and the other half at the starting point without a ball. Players without a ball check to the players with a ball in a zig-zag pattern and play a one-touch pass back to the servers. When they get through all the servers, they perform a dynamic stretching exercise along the L-shape cones until they reach the starting point and go through again. After two or three rotations, switch the players roles to allow the servers to go through the exercise. After both groups go, switch the one-touch passing to receiving with one foot across the body and passing back with the other, then receiving with the outside of the foot and passing back with inside of foot, receiving with sole of foot for a V-move and passing back….etc(be creative). With every technical passing change, also switch the dynamic warm up performed along the L-shape cones.


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