The eleventh in our technical warm up series. You need three cones and one ball for every pair of players. Put the cones in a line with about five yards between them. Players are on opposite sides of the line and diagonal (at first, facing the line). Player A takes a touch with the outside of right foot past the middle cone and then plays passes across the line to player B with inside of right foot. After player A passes the ball, he drops off side-ways on to his or her original position. Player B does the same and the cycles continues for one minute. After every minute, the players perform a dynamic stretch and then get back to the line for another minute. Switch the type of passing for every minute. Some suggestions: Perform the same one as the first round, but with left foot (every series should be done once with the right foot and once with the left foot). Receive with inside of foot across body and past the center cone and play with inside of other foot (again, drop off after playing ball across line). Receive with inside of foot and cruyff past center cone and play across line with inside of other foot. Try facing parallel to the line and simulate receiving a ball from your side (Let ball roll across your body and take first touch forward. Then play ball across line and drop off) ……etc.


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