Two 20 yd. by 30 yd. grids are created with a 25 yd. by 30 yd. space between them. The exercise lasts for 12 minutes in which the players are in constant motion (passing and moving off the ball). In the video, you will see one team of 8 players in each grid with one ball each (you can adjust the numbers as they are not important). In the first three minutes, the players must receive the ball with one foot and pass with the other (prepare the ball in the direction you want to go and then pass with the opposite foot). In the 2nd three minutes, the players must play one touch with the right foot only (player must shape out in order to be able to only use the right foot and use one touch). In the 3rd three minute period, players must play one touch with the left foot only. The final three minute period is played two touch with the player receiving and playing with the same foot. At any point during the exercise, the coach can blow a whistle and shout a specific command to make the players switch grids (about once every 2 minutes). They leave the ball and sprint to the other gird through the space between them. The teams compete to get their entire team into the other grid before the other team does. Keep track of the score (i.e. blue team beats the yellow team to the other grid 7 times and lose 5 times) and the team that loses does consequences (could be an additional time passing and moving while the other team cheers them on).


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