The following small-sided game has a lot of “real to the game” applications. I also like it because it is a good bit of hidden fitness. It starts as a 2 v 2 game. When the ball goes out of bounds off in your team’s defensive half, then your pair leaves the field. As soon as the ball goes out or a goal is scored, another pair from behind your goal starts the play by dribbling onto the field. I like to have three sets of pairs on each side of the field. Encourage each pair that is coming on to enter the field as soon as possible. This will create a lot of realistic 2 v 1 situations. I say they are realistic because it creates a 2 v 1 with a trailing defender. That prevents the attacking team from slowing down and exploiting the numbers-up situation at a pace that is not realistic to the time they would have in a game. I like to stop it early to teach them to recognize when the defenders are flat and also what combinations they can use to get in behind.


4 responses to “2 v 2 Flying Changes”

  1. Aron says:

    I use this exercise for transition defense. It is a great one for emphasizing pressure and cover going from attacking and defending. You must get organized and get organized fast while using a lot of communication. Very good exercise

  2. vahit21 says:

    I like this drill and others ones that have game-like applications at the same time as hidden fitness

  3. dum fraga says:

    thank you , for the exercise is very good I like this site.

  4. Brenda says:

    I am looking for this drill but using 4 pug goals and team that gets off a shot must run around pugs and come back into grid defending the next two on coming attackers. Which ever team of two that takes a shot must immediately transition to defense. Team that gets beat goes off. Winning team stays in transitioning back and forth until they are beat.

    Anyone know this drill set up?

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