by Bruce Deaton
The set up is players on each of four corners and one starts in the middle (looks like the 5 side on a dice) 15yd. X 15 yd.

X  X
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The ball starts at one of the corners and is played into the middle, the player in the middle has two touches and plays it out to another corner. Each person after making the pass, replaces the position where they passed it. I have used this alot to get players to focus on showing centrally into a space and allowing the ball to help determine where they take the ball. In other words, it helps speed up play, because whereever the pass is served to them, they open up to the ball and play in that direction.

There are a number of progressions I have used with this activity. I will add a second ball to keep everything moving more quickly, plus it forces the players to move quickly into the central space and shape their run away from the other ball being played in. I have also added a defender to play against the central player to force the outside players to read where the pressure is on the attacker and play the ball to the side of the player away from the defender and also force the player receiving the ball in the middle to shape out their body to shield the defender from the ball.

This has helped players to visualize triangles on the field while in possession of the ball, and moving in and out of space much more quickly.


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