Game is played with six disc cones (called markers by some) lining the field. Small goals are formed with two disc cones each on the ends on the field. Ten balls are placed on top of the ten disc cones and one more ball is used to start the game. The game is played 2v2, but may be played with larger numbers. When the ball goes out of bounds, the player that knocked it out of bounds must chase it. The nearest player (from the other team) to where it went out of bounds takes a ball off a cone (closest cone to where it went out of bounds) and attacks 2v1. The player chasing the ball must place the ball on the empty cone before reentering the field. Some occasions will result in 2v1 or 1v1 situations depending upon where the balls go out of play. If a player scores, the player must chase the ball and replace one of the cones while the other team attacks 2v1. A goal must be scored through the cones and does not count if a ball is knocked of a cone in the process.


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