This small sided game is called the Cave Hunters vs. the Volcano Warriors. Before attempting this exercise, it is important that the players you are coaching have learned some Coerver moves to beat a player or turn. Build a grid with poles or taller cones, but not disc cones (sometimes called markers). Inside the grid, you will randomly scatter disc cones with half of them normally place (shape of a volcano) and the other half placed upside down (shape of a cave). Divide your team into two teams and give them a home base outside of the grid. One team will be called the Cave Hunters and the other the Volcano Warriors. Upon the coach’s command, the players will enter the grid and the object is to change as many volcanoes to cones or cones to volcanoes depending upon which team they are on (i.e. Volcano Warriors want all of the disc cones to be volcanoes). To change the cone from a cave to a volcano, the player must execute a move (like a scissors move) and then may change the cone with their hand. The player must dribble to a new cone and execute a different move. Another player from the Cave Hunters may immediately come in behind a Volcano Hunter and perform a move to change the cone again. At the coach’s command (about a minute or so later), the players race back outside of the grid to the safety of their base. The team that gets all of their players to base first gets a two cone bonus. Count the cones (you really don’t have to count, you just have to act like you did and can make up the number) and inform the group who won that round. Before the players have time to figure out that you really didn’t count, start the next round. Coupled with your enthusiasm, the players will love the game and are getting repetitions. Another way to do it is to mandate a single move for each round (i.e. 1st round: scissors, 2nd round: Cruyff).


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