Came across this guideline for conducting and parent meeting and was curious to see if any of you coaches out there think it is missing anything. Please comment on what you think should be added.

by Anonymous
Team Goals: Our primary goals as a team are to have fun and to develop as young soccer players.
I hope to be able to teach the players to perform skills under pressure and at full speed, which will
help them improve in the game. I also hope they learn how to make basic tactical decisions on
their own during the games. We will have fun practices that focus on technical skills and on basic
tactics. Winning will not be a priority for our team. Team priorities will be developing skills and
enjoying the game. If you watch practice you may at times see us engaging in activities that do
not look like real soccer. Please be assured that all activities we do will help with skill building,
tactical awareness, team-building, and enjoyment.
Style of Play: I will be encouraging the players to try new things and to be creative. It is my hope
that players have the confidence to show their skills and make tactical decisions in the game. We
will try to move up and down the field as a team, use combination plays, and give proper
offensive and defensive support. I will be moving players into multiple positions to help them
learn all parts of the game. It is my hope that the players will be coaches on the field for each
other and will encourage each other as well.
Attendance: I will be at every practice and game, foregoing any unforeseen emergencies. Please
make every attempt to have your child at every practice and game (on time) as well as it is part of
learning the responsibility of being on a team. Given our hectic lives, I do understand that players
may have conflicts here and there. Please let me know before the first game of any conflicts you
might have for the season so I can prepare my practices accordingly and we can make sure our
team has enough players at every game. Please have your children at the field 30 minutes before
the game starts and please pick up your children promptly after every practice and game.
Discipline: I have been told I run a tight ship and will continue to do so. If players are acting out I
will ask them two times to fix their behavior. If they fail to do so after these warnings, I will sit
them down at practice or during a game. If the behavior continues we will need to talk about it to
find a way to help resolve the behavior best without it detracting from the rest of the players’
experiences on the team.
Communication: I am typically a difficult person to reach by phone. The best way to get a hold
of me is via email at [email protected] Should you wish to talk by phone my office
number is 1-800-852-6666 and the best time to reach me is between 12pm and 3pm. If these
times do not work, let’s schedule a time that works for both of us. Please do not ask to talk to me
during a practice or game or immediately before or after the game or in front of your child. I do
encourage open communication and questions as we all hope to make this a great experience for
the children.
Sideline Behavior: Please be supportive and enthusiastic on the sideline during games. The
players and I will truly appreciate your applause and encouragement. However, if everyone is
coaching, this will only confuse the players. Please do not coach from the sideline. The players
need to make their own decisions and we need to support them and educate them at practice.
Remember you are a role model on the sideline for the players. Please set a good example.
Overall: I am excited for a great year and I hope you and your child are as well. Let’s all have fun
and enjoy the game. If you have any questions, please, let’s keep open communication. ˜º
*** Have the schedule of all practices and games and the weather/medical emergency plan
attached to this agenda.


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