The gridpitch is a 30 x 30 yd. area with a smaller 15 x 15
yd. area in the middle of it. One team has four players, the other team has 6 players. The team with four players plays 4 v 2 against 2 players in the 15 x 15 yd. area. If the ball is won by the two defenders then they quickly pass out to their outside team mates. Now the game commences 6 v 4 in the 30 x 30 yd. area. The four players must now try to win possession. If successful then the game reverts to the 15 x 15 yd. area. Each team scores a goal for every set of 5 passes completed.


One response to “4v2 into 6v4”

  1. Tom says:

    I used this exercise last night to great success. Many coachable moments appear during this activity. Easy to set up and run. Encourages mental speed.

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