I know I have said it before, but pounding endless crosses into the box is not the way that I believe youth soccer should be player. I would much prefer fewer chances of greater quality. You can live and die by simply getting balls wide and smacking them into the mixer. The following exercise will help your team to not settle for a simple cross. It encourages your wide players to drive towards the near post and then play a shorter pass to a teammate for a tap in. Notice how the corners of the field are cut out with cones (in the video). This forces your wide players to cut in and attack the outside back. You will need three or four target forwards, four wide player, two teams of six, and two goalkeepers. The teams of six are divided into two groups of three. The yellow team send out their first group to attack three blues. They must play into the target first and get the ball back (the pass to the target is not defended). The yellow team next plays the wide player (after the wide player receives the ball, the blue team may defend). The target joins the three yellows and the wide player to create a numbers up situation. Once the shot has been taken or possession has been lost; the blues step off the field, the yellows retreat to defend, and the target and wide player recover to their position. A new group of three blues play the target and join the field. Next they will play a wide player and attack the yellows (will be a new wide player and target). The extra wide players and targets give a rest ratio. Notice that the targets check and play one touch to simulate game situations. Also, the wide players bend their run and peel out to create more width while the ball is being played to the target. If the defender meets the wide player before the service can be given, the wide player must beat that defender 1v1. Once the goalkeeper is drawn to the near post, the wide player must find a free player for a shot in the open goal.


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  1. Aron says:

    Very good realistic exercise to work on finishing crosses. And as always good to teach players to not be predictable and always whip in a cross but look to to draw players and play a shorter cross. That is a good point

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