Two teams are broken into pairs and placed behind opposite goals. A neutral target is placed in the center of the field. Team A plays a pass out to a neutral player (a target or central midfielder) for a lay off and then attacks two players from Team B. When a shot is taken or the ball goes out of bounds, the defenders from team B leave the field and two new players from Team B attack. They must play the target to enter the field while the two players from Team A retreat to defend their goal. Rotate the neutral players every two attacks or so because it will be a lot of movement for them (but rotate them in the run of play). The field is shaped like a diamond to encourage driving towards the goal and not to wide positions. This will create more shooting and 1v1 situations as the players may not go wide for a cross.


One response to “3v2 with Diamond Shape Field”

  1. Aron says:

    Good exercise to teach players to get shots quickly when close to the goal. Develop that goalscoring mentality. Good condition would be the finish has to be 1 or 2 touch

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