A very simple activity and a favorite of mine: Take a rectangular grid and split it down the middle to make two squares (you must adjust the grid size so that their can be some successful possession, but not too big as to run your defenders ragged). Seven players play possession in one grid against three (or four if they can handle keeping the ball with that added pressure). In the other grid are four other players that are on the defending team, but not allowed to join their three defenders in the other grid. When the defenders win the ball, they must play it into the other grid to their teammates and transition by joining that grid. The team that was attacking in the other grid now sends three of its players to defend in the other grid (transition to defend). Some added rules: 1.send three different players every time to defend 2. when ball goes out of bounds from attacking team, coach plays ball into other grid and teams transition 3. when ball goes out of bounds on defending team, coach plays ball back into that grid for attackers 4. 10 passes equals a point (can be adjusted based on your team’s level)
This game will work on possesion, transition to attack, transition to defend, organized (numbers down) defending, etc…
See video for a demonstration.


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