Extend the penalty box to double it’s length (36yd. X 44yd.) and put two goals on the 44 yd. long sides with goalkeepers. Two wide players are positioned in outside the wide of the grid on opposite sides. Two servers are in the center of the grid with a supply of balls. Two teams of three or four players start centrally and attack different goals. The servers play balls at different corners of the field and the wide players must get there and try to serve the ball to a group of attackers one touch (two touch max if needed). As soon as the ball is crossed, the wide players and their attacking teammates transition to attack the other goal. The pace of the pass of the server is essential as they want to force the wide player to get end to end without over or under weighting the pass. The attackers must make bent and layered runs to the near post, far post and slot. They can mix it up physically a bit with the other team while crossing paths trying to transition to the other goal. The game goes on for 1-2 minutes before switching the players roles.


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