The 13th installment in our series of technical warm ups. Start with some light running and dynamic streching before you enter this exercise. Build a 20 X 20 yd. with a cone every 10 yards. Put two players on the middle of two parallel lines, facing each other. One player serves and one player works for a four ball cycle (one for each cone they will travel to). This activity has two phases. In the first phase, server plays a pass with good weight on the ground to other player that is at opposite middle cone. Player receiving ball uses first touch to accelerate to one of the four cones that are closest to them and then plays a pass back to the server. He or she then jogs back to the middle cone and awaits another ball. Receiving player takes four balls in a row before switching roles. Each one he receives and dribbles to a different cone. Phase two now incorporates receving on the move. Instead of the server playing the ball to a center cone every time, now he plays to one of the four cones that are near to the receiving player. The receiving player starts at the center cone and then dictates where to play the ball by running at the cone of their choice. Server tries to play a pass that meets the receiving player at the cone. Receiving player turns with first touch to accelerate toward the center cone and then passes ball back to server. Again this is done to every cone. See video if this is not clear. In the video, the first player does phase one and the second player demonstrates phase two. When this is done with your team, you will do several cycles with phase one and then later do several cycles of phase two. You can vary the cycles by specifiing what surface they use to take their preparation (first) touch (i.e. outside of foot, inside of foot, sole of foot)


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  1. Aron says:

    Simple but good exercise on receiving ball and changing directions with first touch.

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