The 24th in our series of the favorite exercises of college coaches comes from Kellie Evans. Coach Evans is the assistant coach at Illinois State University. The Red Birds just finished the 2009 season as conference champions.  After an All-American career as a player at Auburn University, Coach Evans spent two years as the assistant at Oregon State University. The following is her favorite activity.

Favorite drill (as a player and coach): 3 v 2 in the box

Can focus on either defensive or attacking side of things

Attacking: 3 attackers need to move the ball quickly to find open shot; take half chances

Defending: 2 defenders need to work together and communicate to pressure ball and eliminate

                scoring opportunities

Setup : 3 attackers (one color), 2 defenders (different color), 1 goalkeeper

                10 balls (placed within the D at the top of the box)

Field Size : 18yd box

This drill is usually done near the end of practice and focuses on defensive communication in numbers down situation as well as quick ball movement and finishing on the attacking side of things.  Encourage attackers to keep ball moving and find open player but not to be afraid to take half chances since they are all within shooting range.  Coach stands in D with 10 balls, serves one ball in to one of three attackers in the 18yd box”play until attackers score, goalkeepers saves and holds ball or ball is cleared out of the 18 yard box.  As soon as ball is dead, coach quickly plays next ball into open attacker.  Each round consists of 10 balls, attackers must score 6 goals or more out of 10 in order to win round.  Depending on squad size divide team into attackers and defenders and rotate different attackers and defenders in for several rounds.  Keep track of who wins round and play best of 3, 5 or however many rounds coach decides upon.  Dividing team creates competitive environment and all rounds should be fast paced.  Goalkeepers will also see a variety of close range shots.


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