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  1. Aron says:

    Some good points. I like the part of playing to practicing ratio. I agree it is totally out of whack in the US. One trend I see at the club level is that on top of the league games and tournaments coaches want to play friendlies. When are these players training if they have all these friendlies, league games and tournaments? Recently, I did not let my club team play a scrimmage until we had 12 practices in and from that point on we had to practice two times to one game at the very least. There was no point otherwise in my opinion as far as development and evaluation.

    The rec soccer in Brazil is just as good as what we would call travel or premier soccer especially at the U8 level.

    I do believe in the US it will be hard to emulate what we see in Brazil completely. We can take certain things away from Brazilian soccer development but our culture is much different. Our players are not trying to become Ronaldinho, Robinho or Kaka. They are not playing soccer in the streets and trying the moves that they see these players do. We cannot expect by simply saying we are going to play street style soccer in the US that we are going to produce Ronaldinho. Players must be exposed to players like this more then understand those players initially became great simply by watching the pros play and trying to emulate them.

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