Most of the shooting exercises conducted by coaches are done without pressure and, therefore, not real to the demands of the actual game. In this exercise, cones are placed in the shape of a diamond with the bottom of the diamond placed  near the penalty arc and the top placed close to the bottom of the circle. The side cones are placed about as wide as the penalty box. The balls are placed at the top of the diamond, players are divided between the four cones, and a goalkeeper is placed in net. The player at the top of the diamond starts by passing a ball to the player at the bottom of the diamond. The ball is passed back and the player at the top of the diamond now chooses which wide player he or she is going to play in. Once the ball is played to either wide player, the player at the bottom of the diamond defends the wide player 1v1. This will result in a wide variety of 1v1 situations as the angle of the defender will vary. All of the passes must be played while moving. The top player is encouraged to disguise their pass to buy the wide player more time to go to goal.


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