Create a 30×30 yd. grid with a 10×10 yd. grid in the center of it.  Two teams of six (in the video I used five, but this is difficult and is only recommended for advanced teams) compete against each other in an attempt to pass the ball to their teammates through the center grid. The team in possession has six players in the larger grid. These players may not enter the center grid at any time. The defending team must keep two players in the center grid and those players may attempt to intercept penetrating passes that enter the smaller grid. If they intercept the ball, they must dribble out of the grid before passing to a teammate. When this is executed, the opponent must put two of its players into the smaller grid and attempt to regain possession. If the team in possession loses possession or has a player enter the smaller grid, the roles transition. Players must have the patience to possess until the penetrating ball is on, but not neglect the opportunity to play a penetrating pass. Every successful penetrating pass that leads to maintaining possession is a point (it must cross two sides of the smaller grid, but does not have to split the defenders). If you have a team that simply bunkers their defending players around the grid, allow the attacking team to gain points from a certain number of passes.


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