In a 22 x 15 yd grid, put four attacking players and two defenders. Create lines 10 yards from both ends so that you have a 2 x 15 yd. zone in the middle of the grid (this will create two 10 x 15 yd. ends with a 2 x 15 yd. central zone). Place three attacking players in one end of the grid with one defender. The remaining attacker is placed in the other end of the grid and the remaining defender is placed in the central zone. The three attacking players look to possess the ball and play into their teammate in the opposite end of the grid. The defender in their end looks to dispossess them and the other defender looks to cut off passing lanes, but cannot leave the central zone. The opposite attacker attempts to find a clear passing lane to receive the ball. All balls must be played on the ground. When the ball is switched into the other grid, the defenders switch roles immediately and two attackers join the other end grid. Players will learn to be patient, but look to find a player forward as quickly as possible. The transition to support that player is vital, as well. If the teams are simply switching it back and forth with ease, you may require they complete two passes before switching it. After a set amount of time switch defenders with attackers. You can progress to making the grid larger and adding a defender and an attackers.


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