I saw the women’s national team do this for a warm up. It is called the skill ladder. In the video, you will see two ladders side by side but you can make as many as you want. I generally put two teams of two players each in one ladder lane. Collectively, the four players from a lane tally their scores and compete against the other lanes. A ladder is a group of three 5 X 5 yd squares stacked upon each other. The first team steps into the first square and performs an exercise that the coach specifies e.g. head to one partner that heads it back and then the ball is caught (head-head-catch) or volley-volley-catch. The possibilities are endless and can be made tougher or easier depending on the team you are training. Once they perform the activity without letting the ball hit the ground or touching with the wrong body part, they can advance to the next square. If they make a mistake, they must start over in the first square. The next two players cannot enter a square until the previous two vacate it. Once a pair completes the task in all three squares of the ladder, they receive one point and then go back to the first grid to repeat the process. The first team of four to get 10 points wins and then you switch the activity and start again. You will see your team get very competitive.


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