You can set up multiple instances of this warm up, but the video only shows one. You need a 3 X 3 yd. box with one player inside of it and another cone about 15 yds. away with a server in front of it. The player in the box takes three service at a time and then switches roles. The first service is prepared out of the box at a forward angle to the players right and then passed back to server on second touch. The next is done in the same manor, but to the left. The third service is played forward toward the server. The server engages (passively defending) in a 1 v 1 with the receiver. Once beaten, the players keep going their directions to switch rolls. Every two minutes give a small break to explain the next round. The first round could use the inside of the right and left foot. The second could use the outside and so on. (e.g. receive with sole of foot and role ball one way, then push with outside of foot the other way,,,,)


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