I like this finishing exercise because it works on the preparation touch as well. Player chips ball into coaches hands (can pass on ground if players cannot consistently and accurately chip ball) and then jump over hurdle. Hurdle is formed by two coaching sticks and a crossbar. If you do not have sticks, I have used corner flags with prewrap to hold the crossbar. After player jumps over hurdle, he or she slaloms through three sticks and then jumps over another hurdle. As soon as the player jumps over the second hurdle, the coach plays a ball that has to be prepared with one touch and finished with the second. You can start with balls on the ground and progress to balls with the chest and then the head. You can also server a different foot every time. You want to time the service so that they are meeting the ball when they land. Players are to go at full speed to simulate a more realistic finish.


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  1. manU says:

    great drill that sets up a game-like situation for finishing

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